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Grab Bars, Plumbing, Clean skylights

November 6, 2009


The Warrens and I first met early this year.  Mrs. Warren spotted my phone number on my work truck at JJ’s Market on the mesa.
Their first list had a few small items like changing the light bulbs in two high chandeliers. I also cleaned the filters to their furnace and a few other miscellaneous items.
After a few months, there was some small plumbing to be done. The kitchen faucet was loose and the garbage disposal needed to be replaced.

DSC04959 (Small)

DSC04962 (Small)

DSC04960 (Small)

The next project they needed done was grab bars in the master shower and tub area.



Most recently, the skylights in the warehouse, which is just out of view to the left in the top picture, had become so covered with moss and lichen that the light was no longer getting in very well. I went up and cleaned the skylights and the gutters. They are ready for rain, but until then let the sun in 🙂

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