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To do list in Arroyo Grande

November 10, 2009

A very nice couple called from Arroyo Grande. (Steve and Sue)
They had a list of items that they needed done.

First, their master toilet was running. Changing the flapper solved the problem. I also tightened the tank onto the bowl to stop water from leaking onto the floor when they flushed.

After the toilet came the carpet. It had been in for a number of years. Over time it had loosened by wear, leaving a few waves in the middle of the vanity area. The solution was to stretch the carpet, trimming the edges as needed. I seamed it at the doorway and tucked all of the edges in for a clean look.

There were two table lamps with three way bulbs that were not working properly. I replaced the sockets and they were as good as new.

The smoke detectors had malfunctioned, setting them off in the middle of the night. The firemen had disconnected them and left. When I tested them they were ok. Perhaps a power surge set them off with the burglar alarm.

The door from the garage to the house no longer closed by itself. This is important for the containment of possible fire. I replaced the self closing hinges and the problem was solved.

In the back yard there was a window with a piece of trim that had come loose. After fixing the window I removed some debris and the job was done.

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