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About Wayne’s Handyman Service

wayneAt age 16 Wayne started working at a boat painting shop (Asa’s Custom Paint in Azusa, CA) as a laborer.  By the end of the 2 years the job lasted Wayne had become an expert sprayer with an eye for detail.

Wayne’s next significant job was in the restaurant industry (The Chart House in Santa Barbara, CA and Lake Tahoe NV) where he learned service while holding many of the positions at the restaurant from cook to bartender.

When it came time to leave Lake Tahoe (due to tendinitis on the foot) Wayne got a job with a celebrity (Barbi B).  The job started with maintenance, but before long Wayne was the chauffeur and general handyman at the Pegfair Estate in Pasadena CA.

After the job for Barbi ended, Wayne went to work for a painting contractor (Tim Parker).  This job lasted for several years.  Wayne gained experience with project management as well as leading a crew.  During this time period, Tim transitioned into being a general contractor.  This led to a wide variety of job types and skill development.

When Wayne left Tims employ he became a painting contractor in Hermosa Beach  CA.  His customers included one of the founders of the LA Gear Shoe Company and some several other significant land owners in the area.

After 6 years as a painter, Wayne was hired by one of his customers to move to Seattle WA for a property management position.  This position lasted 4 years and included many skilled jobs such as roofing, electrical, carpentry, plumbing and human resources.

At the end of the 4 years of doing property management Wayne became a handyman.  The handyman business did very well for 4 years when it became necessary for Wayne to move to the Central Coast to care for an ailing parent.

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