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Kitchen upgrade

November 2, 2009

The Maruyamas first hired me to power wash their terracotta tile roof. As we were speaking about the roof Joe asked me if I could install tubular skylights in their kitchen.

The goal in the kitchen was to remove the fluorescent light fixtures from the ceiling, install two tubular skylights and nine recessed lights. The challenge was to fit the tubes for the skylight, the recessed light cans, the wiring and the plumbing for the kitchen all in a small attic space. It was a tight fit, but it all came together for a seamless finish.

The ceiling needed some drywall finishing where the fluorescent light frame was attached to the ceiling.

After the drywall repair came texture, primer and paint.

The result is a bright kitchen space that was somewhat cave like and dark before.

The other thing that the Maruyamas wanted in their kitchen was to remove their trash compactor and replace it with a trash drawer. This would have been very easy had they not installed the trash compactor before the tile floor. As it was, I was able to disassemble/cut the compactor out.

I matched the whitewash stain and finish for the new cabinet door, and installed a two can trash drawer.

This house is on a hill with a short but steep concrete driveway. Over time and with rain the driveway had developed cracks. As water ran down the driveway, it entered the cracks and began eroding the soil under the slab.

One solution for this problem is to remove the driveway and replace it with new. This seemed a bigger undertaking than they wanted.

The solution they chose was to open the cracks just a bit with a diamond saw blade and inject polyurethane into the cracks. Polyurethane is very tough and with a good bond it will stop erosion of the slab without negatively affecting the appearance further.

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