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Linda’s leaky window

October 31, 2009

I met Linda at Miners. She has a beautiful home in Grover Beach. Her project was a window in her living room that had leaked a small amount of water into the wall at the base of the window. The problem showed itself when the window sill began to show signs of rot. I started by taking the window sill and the wall below apart. Once the rotten wood was removed I was able to see where the water was coming in. I replaced the studs that were rotten as well as the insulation, drywall and window sill. Once the drywall mud was dry I sprayed texture on the wall below and beside the window to match the existing walls. Next I replaced the baseboard and calked all the trim. I painted the repaired area and cleaned up for a minimum impact on Lindas` home.
If you would like to contact Linda about her experience please call her @ (805) 440-3333

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