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A block wall for Arylane

October 31, 2009


Arylanes` friend Joyce recomended she call.

Her home is on a sandstone hill and she was concerned that the wet year that she heard predicted would become a problem for her hill.

There were two existing walls at the base of the hill. My job was to build a retainig wall in the ten foot space between the other walls.


First I dug the footing, built the form and set the metal. Next I built a chute to slide the concrete down a steep hill. Once the chute was complete I simply poured the concrete down the chute and moved it around in the form.


With the footing complet and after a few days to cure it was time to set the block. This went smoothly, with the only challenge being a pipe whose path went rite through the wall.


The challenges were overcome and the wall turned out great.

Thanks for the work Arylane 🙂

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